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Established in 1997, with more than 15 years experience in Fire bricks and Refractory Materials manufacturing, PT. BENTENG API TECHNIC, ( BAT REFRACTORIES ) is today one of the leading company for producing, trading and construction corporations in Indonesia, specialized in Refractories and Insulations.

Supported by more than 182 employees, 12,700 SQM area, adequate facilities and qualified teams, BAT REFRACTORIES commited to provide the complete ranges of services and products supply for Refractories and Insulations refer to the our Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

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Our company produces the highest quality Insulating Mortar for brick installation of insulation. With the composition of Al2O3 between 25% to above 50% and SiO2 Between 30% to above 55%. And the application can use Insulating mortar to brick with insulation casting method. With high performance and strength Insulating Mortar is widely used in various industries. For.. read more →

Fire mortar cement functions to intermediaries adhesive with refractory bricks, which the application has a maximum thickness of mounting no more than 2 mm. And the use of indirect Fire Mortar Cement harden before the material is subjected to heat and burn time of the use. Fire Mortar Cement in the form powder to facilitate the.. read more →

  Sic Bricks or silicon carbide brick is a refractory bricks which have a good flexural strength properties, high thermal conductivity and good thermal shock resilience. With Silicon Carbide on SiC Bricks components will help a Furnace to be stronger in abnormal conditions and reduce the abrasiveness. Our company manufactures and markets products SiC Bricks with.. read more →

Magnesite Brick Product Understanding magnesite is a mineral that has the chemical formula MgCO3 (magnesium carbonate), which is the mixing of iron crystals 2 carbonate and magnesium (ankerite) which has a layered structure. And here is one of Magnesite Brick Product refractory material with high performance, has a mixture of mineral raw material is MgO, SiO2,.. read more →